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Suicidal agitatd bhaviou: Popl taking antidpssants such as clomipamin may l agitatd (stlss, anxious, aggssiv, motional, toubl slping, and ling not lik thmslvs), thy may want thut thmslvs oths. I you notic any changs in mood, bhavious, thoughts, lings in yousl somon whis taking this mdication, contact a doctimmdiatly. You doctwill monityou closly bhaviou changs, spcially at stat tatmnt whn you dos is incasd dcasd.

Som popl may xpinc sid cts oth than thos listd. Chck with you docti you notic any symptom that wois you cheap anafranil dosing you a taking this mdication.

I you a about tb statd on any nw mdicin, mind you doctand phamacist that you a taking Anaanil.

Taking Anaanil togth with a MAOI may caus a sious action with a suddn incas in body tmpatu, xtmly high blood pssu and sizus (its). You doctwill know whn it is sa tstat Anaanil at th MAOI has bn stoppd.

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I you a about tb statd on any nw mdicin, mind you doctand phamacist that you a taking Anaanil.

mmb, kp this and cheap anafranil dosing oth mdicins out th ach childn, nv sha you mdicins with oths, and us this mdication only th indication pscibd.

Anaanil may impai you thinking actions. B caul i you div danything that quis you tb alt.

Clomipamin can pass intbast milk and may ham a nusing baby. You should not bast-d whil cheap anafranil dosing a using this mdicin.

Many dugs can intact with Anaanil. This includs psciption and ov-th-count mdicins, vitamins, and hbal poducts. Not all possibl intactions a listd in this mdication guid. Tll you doctabout all mdicins you us, and thos you stat stop cheap anafranil dosing duing you tatmnt with this mdicin. Cheap anafranil dosing a list all cheap anafranil dosing mdicins tany halthca povid whtats you.

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